Friday, December 31, 2010

Knol Books on Google Knol Platform

Number of Knol Books are appearing on Google Knol Platform. As an academic and learning material material platform, Knol ideal for publication of full length books. Collaborative books and collected books are two additional categories of books on Knol. Number of collected appeared recently on Knol.

Some of them are:

Corporate Governance - Knol Book

Cost Accounting - Knol Book of Readings

Creativity and Innovation - Knol Book

Cultural History of India - Knol Book

Data Structures - Knol Book

Database Management Systems (DBMS) - Knol Book

Derivatives - Knol Book

Design of Machine Elements - Knol Book

Dressing for Fashion, Power, Style and Success - knol Book

Econometrics - Knol Book

List of 100 books