Friday, December 19, 2008

Google buying blogger 2003

Google is the encyclopedia of the connected age, and bloggers are the trailblazers. If Google simply uses Blogger to update its database more rapidly, it won't change the Web experience as we know it in any profound way. But a genuine trailblazing device would be a way of preserving—and widening—the paths that our lives have carved through information space.

Google's Memory Upgrade
How Blogger could do more than improve Google's Web searches.
By Steven Johnson
Posted Thursday, March 6, 2003,

Blogging Platforms for Webdesign

1. Wordpress (

2. TextPattern (

3. Moveable Type (

4. Serendipity (

5. LifeType (

6. Flatpress (

7. Wheatblog (

8. sBlog (

9. Eggblog (

10. Loudblog (

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

State of the Blogosphere / 2008 - Technorati Report

Very interesting REPORT

Some Points from the report

Bloggers and blog readers

eMarketer (May 2008)

94.1 million US blog readers in 2007 (50% of Internet users)
22.6 million US bloggers in 2007 (12%)

Universal McCann (March 2008)

184 million World Wide have started a blog | 26.4 US
346 million World Wide have read blogs | 60.3 US
77% of active Internet users read blogs

What is a Blog?

Wikipedia defines blogs as:

A Blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

There are 76,000 blogs with Technorati Authority of 50+

Among those with advertising, the mean annual investment in their blog is $1,800, but it’s paying off.

The mean annual revenue is $6,000 with $75K+ in revenue for those with 100,000 or more unique visitors per month.

Note: median investment and revenue (which is listed below) is significantly lower.

Median Annual Investment $80 (US Bloggers) $15 (European) $30 (Asian)
Median Annual Revenue $200 (US Bloggers) $200 (European) $120 (Asian)