Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Message from Bachchan's Blog

Mint, 21 may 2008, carried an editorial under the heading our view on Bachchan and his blog.

Even though in India, the penetration of internet is low, blogging is getting enough attention.

Without the mediation of regular media, a blog can attract visitors. Evidence: Number of comments on Amitabh's blog.


Some of the posts have more than 800 comments.

This the Mint writer says is on par with the record of some of the cult bloggers. Ariana Huffington and Scott Adams.

Indian CEOs and Politicians need to use blogging to interact with their consumers and supporters.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The 2007 Black Weblog Awards Winners

From http://www.ebonyjet.com/technology/buzz/index.aspx

In 2005, that "Karsh", launched the Black Weblog Awards as a means of acknowledging what was happening in the space of blogs written by blacks.

It primarily still is a one person operation. Nevertheless, its first year garnered nominations for more than 2000 individual blogs. Now in its third year, the 2007 version received nominations for 7,852 separate blogs in 17 different categories.

The 2007 Black Weblog Awards Winners

Best Blog Community
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Nappturality

Best Blog Design
Popular Vote: Young Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Clutch Magazine

Best Post Series
Popular Vote: Nappy Diatribe blog - Who Killed Hip Hop?
Judges' Vote: What About Our Daughters Wins Battle

Best Business Blog
Popular Vote: Black In Business
Judges' Vote: Black In Business

Best Celebrity Blog
Popular Vote: Tyra Banks
Judges' Vote: ?uestlove

Best Culture Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: AfroBella

Best Faith-Based Blog
Popular Vote: Are You There God It's Me, Dawn
Judges' Vote: The Infidel Guy Show

Best Fictional Blog
Popular Vote Fake Janice Combs
Judges’ Vote: Life and Times of Ata Nafia

Best Food Blog
Popular Vote: A Lot About Nothing
Judges' Vote: Trini Gourmet

Best Gossip Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous

Best Group Blog
Popular Vote: Concrete Loop
Judges' Vote: Racialicious

Best Hip-Hop Blogs
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote: The Smoking Section

Best Humor Blog
Popular Vote: Crunk & Disorderly
Judges' Vote: Funky Brown Chick

Best International Blog
Popular Vote: Black Women in Europe
Judges' Vote: Black Women in Europe

Best LGBT Blog
Popular Vote: Keith Boykin
Judges' Vote: Keith Boykin

Best Music Blog
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote: HoneySoul.com

Best New Blog
Popular Vote: Blogxilla.com
Judges' Vote: Stereohyped

Best Niche Blog
Popular Vote: Afrobella
Judges' Vote: Fly

Best Personal Blog
Popular Vote: The Beautiful Struggler
Judges' Vote: inthelifeof.org

Best Photo Blog
Popular Vote: The D-Nice Journal
Judges' Vote: Alakija

Best Podcast
Popular Vote: Hood Hype
Judges' Vote: Friday Favecast

Best Political/News Blog
Popular Vote: The Field Negro
Judges' Vote: Jack and Jill Politics

Best Science/Technology Blog
Popular Vote: Nerd with Swag
Judges' Vote: Tiffany B. Brown

Best Sports/Recreation Blog
Popular Vote: The Starting Five
Judges' Vote: The Starting Five

Best Teen Blog
Popular Vote: My Teenage Years
Judges' Vote: Queer Kid of Color

Best Video Blog
Popular Vote: Love B. Scott
Judges' Vote: Ill Doctrine

Best Writing in a Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Blackprof.com

Black Blogger Achievement Award
Popular Vote: Keith Boykin
Judges' Vote: Baratunde Thurston

Blog of the Year
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: What About Our Daughters?

Blog to Watch
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote: Average Bro

Multiple-size Embedded Presentations from Google Docs

Google Docs has just updated their embedded presentation feature to support multiple sizes, so now presentations can look even better in blog posts. To add a presentation to your blog, create it in Google Docs and copy the “Mini Presentation Module” HTML into a blog post.

You can include YouTube videos, images, and text captions into slides to condense and display a “deck” of graphical content in a concise format in your posts.

Google Docs is a free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application


Embedding presentations in a website

If you’d like to post a presentation online, you’ll need to publish it first. To publish a presentation, follow the instructions below:
Click the Publish tab in the upper-right corner of the screen
Click the Publish document button
After publishing your presentation, use the Select presentation size dropdown menu to choose the preferred size of your embedded presentation
Copy and paste the code that appears into your website to embed it. Small or medium sizes work best in blogs, while large is most suitable for onscreen viewing and reading.
Once you’ve embedded a presentation, please keep in mind that others can access the code and embed this presentation on additional sites by clicking the Menu button at the bottom-right of the embedded presentation.