Friday, September 12, 2008 Visitor details

Our Visitors Demographic Highlights of

Total Audience: 38 million unique visitors monthly
Male/Female: 37%/63%
Median Age: 42 years
Median Household Income:$70,175
College Graduate+: 61%
Professional/Managerial: 41%
Employed Full Time: 59%
Married: 67%
One+ Children in HH: 46%
Homeowners: 76%

Compared to the average online adult, visitors are more likely to:

Seek/give advice online1
Provide frequent advice on household products
Post/seek product reviews online1
Research products for purchase for their home or work online1

Compared to MSN, AOL, and Yahoo, has a stronger composition of:

Adults seeking personal health care information online1
Entrepreneurs starting their own businesses3
Visitors planning a vacation online1

Source: @Plan (Winter 2007/2008)
1last 30 days
2Women with children in HH
3Next/last 12 months

accessed on 12 September 2008

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