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$10,000 blogger - 2

I Made $10,899.83 From Blogging in SeptemberWritten by Yaro
October 12, 2007 |

Back in March of this year, 2007, I reported my blogging income of $6549.52. September, while a slower month for net usage because the northern hemisphere is rapping up the holiday period (people go outside when the weather is nice instead of sit inside on their computers, thus reducing traffic and income from some advertising programs), turned out to be my best month yet for blog income.

The total I made from blogging and blog related activities in September 2007 was: $10,899.83.

The income listed by source is available in the list to the right. I grouped together revenue streams into general broad categories, rather than break it down by each income source like I did last time, since the list is become quite long. You should still get a good sense for how the money is generated.

Note in reality the money I received was over $13,000 because a few sponsors renewed six month contracts, but I divided the half year payments by six in order to get the share for September only so as to not artificially inflate the total. This list does not include the income from Blog Mastermind.

Other highlights in September included breaking the 5,000 RSS readers mark at this blog and also surpassing 12,000 people subscribed to my email list.

Google adsense income was around $800


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