Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bloggers from India and World on Blogger Platform

I just found from the blogger profile search that on blogger there are 357,000 bloggers from India.

Certainly compared to registered print magazine publishers this number is many times. There have to systems to maintain the enthusiasm of these persons who have taken the initiative to create materials for reading and browsing by many at their convenience on issue of their interest.

United states has 2,900,000 bloggers on blogger platform

Argentina has 198,000
Australia has 179,000 bloggers
Canada has 370,000 bloggers
China has 89,900 bloggers
France has 190,000 bloggers
Germany has 140,000 blogs
Indonesia has 321,000 bloggers
Pakistan has 14,500 bloggers
Philippines has 167,000 bloggers
Singapore has 254,000 bloggers
south korea has 21,900 bloggers
Switzerland has 32,900 bloggers
United Kingdom has 395,000 bloggers

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